Australian Council to Modernize Water Distribution System with Itron Solutions

April 28, 2024

Itron and Cairns Regional Council Expand Collaboration on Water Security and Conservation

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 28, 2024-- Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating new ways for utilities and cities to manage energy and water, is collaborating with Cairns Regional Council (Council), located in Queensland, Australia, to deploy Itron’s intelligent connectivity and analytic solution, which includes Intelis® wSource NB-IoT water meters and the utility’s existing mesh network technology that utilizes Itron’s unified Temetra® NB-IoT digital platform for data collection and data management. The Itron solution will be deployed over the next three years as part of Council’s comprehensive water security plan to take advantage of technology to better identify water leaks and improve customer experience.

This project builds on phase one of the Council’s smart water network project, which included an initial deployment of Itron’s Intelis ultrasonic water meters and integrated IoT network solution. Now, in this second phase, Itron and the Council are working together to deploy additional Intelis smart water meters, which will be managed by Itron’s Temetra NB-IoT digital platform to improve collection, tracking and management of water data from all endpoints within its network.

Itron’s intelligent connectivity solution will allow the Council to tackle a number of operational challenges related to water. Once the Intelis wSource water meters and NB-IoT digital platform are deployed, the Council will benefit from:

  1. Faster Identification of Water Leaks – Temetra improves visibility before and after the meter to help address non-revenue water losses in the distribution system.
  2. Improved Customer Experience – With the Intelis NB-IoT water meter, the Council can help their customers better manage water usage by providing advanced, data driven insights.
  3. Extended Meter Life – The Intelis NB-IoT water meter’s durable components and battery are designed to enable a 15-year lifetime even in harsh conditions.
  4. Reduction of Costs – The Intelis NB-IoT water meter maintains accuracy in harsh conditions and delivers long-lasting performance in the field, lowering costs, and requiring fewer repairs and replacements.

“Water scarcity on the rise globally, and adopting a proactive approach to deploying a fully integrated water AMI solution serves as an example for other utilities and municipalities to ensure that their water infrastructure is built to address challenges they will face in the future,” said Don Reeves, senior vice president of Outcomes at Itron. “At Itron, we are excited to continue our work with the Council to help the utility prepare for increased demand for water and asset management challenges.”

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